My Dinosaur Life

Life feels like
walking with giants

Genre and Key Appeal

The gist of it, in a nutshell.

Dive into the dynamic world of 'My Dinosaur Life' where 2D animation brings a bold blend of Science Fiction, Adventure, a touch of dark humour and Workplace Comedy to life. This animated show targeted to a mature audience is a melting pot of genres, offering a fresh and exciting viewing experience that breaks away from the ordinary. It's not just a series; it's a journey into a world where every character's struggle and triumph is a stroke on a diverse canvas of extraordinary events.

Perfect for those who love their stories vibrant, thought-provoking, and sprinkled with humour,'My Dinosaur Life' is where animated storytelling comes alive in the most unexpected ways


Welcome to... My Dinosaur Life!

A decade after a cosmic event transforms some humans into animal hybrids, Nyx, an unassuming fox-human hybrid, finds himself unexpectedly recruited into the Global Unity for Interspecies Protection (GUIP). Thrust into a world rife with interspecies tensions and bureaucratic intrigue, Nyx must navigate unknown dangers and unravel a sinister intergalactic conspiracy, discovering the unlikely hero within himself and challenging the fragile balance of this transformed world.

Learn the lingo


A character with animal-like features. This can be a full human-animal hybrid or with some minor features (like a tail or ears). In-universe accepted term to refer to transformed individuals.


Average human. Term opposite to Aniform. For those who weren't converted. The term is usually used by Aniforms to refer to regular people.

The Emergence

The extraterrestrial event that caused the mergence between humans and animals.


Global unity for interspecies protection

An international organization established to maintain peace and defend Earth against extraterrestrial threats. GUIP serves as the central setting for the narrative, where the main characters navigate their adventures and personal growth.

Character Description

Meet the gang

Field Agent Baryonyx


Aniform Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes-sapiens)

The Not-So-Average Fox-Human Hybrid

"Well… I'm no hero, but if I'm going to be stuck as a 'dorky fox,' I might as well be a useful one, right?""

A unique fox-human hybrid with a flair for sarcasm and wit. In a whirlwind of unexpected adventures, Nyx's journey is self-discovery and heroism in an ever-changing world.

Senior Operation Agent Tyrannosaurus


Norform-mixed Human-cat (homo-catus-sapiens)

The Mentor with a Heart of Steel and Gold

"The hours suck, and sure, the constant risk of dying can be a turn-off. But hey, at least you'll never be bored."

A mentor with a mix of strength and sensitivity, Tyrann's journey from a police officer to a key figure in GUIP is as complex as inspiring.

Intelligence Consultant Ankylosaurus


Aniform Labrador Wolf (canis lupus-sapiens)

The Tech-Savvy Whiz with a Curious Mind

"Suuure… no problem. Let me hit random keys on my keyboard. If it works in the movies, it should work here, right?"

A tech-savvy genius with a quirky sense of humour. Kylo's brilliance with gadgets and technology makes her an invaluable asset to the team.

Field Agent Stegosaurus


Aniform Golden Retriever Dog (Canis familiaris-sapiens)

Loyal Sidekick & Trouble Magnet

"Planning? That's boring! Good instincts and a tail that's smarter than it looks are all I need. We can figure it out as we go."

The gentle giant with a knack for getting into trouble. Steg's strength and loyalty make him a dependable ally in the team's various escapades.

Series Overview

The Plot

In 'My Dinosaur Life' the ordinary world collides with the extraordinary in a vibrant animated series. Follow Nyx, a fox-human hybrid, as he navigates his role in a global agency upholding interspecies harmony. Amidst thrilling adventures and workplace antics, he and a diverse cast of characters confront the mysteries of a world transformed by a cosmic event. Experience their journey filled with laughter, discovery, and life's unexpected twists.

Series Overview

Why You'll Be Hooked

'My Dinosaur Life' unfolds in a universe transformed by a cosmic event, where humans and anthropomorphic animals coexist in a new reality. This animated series blends thrilling sci-fi adventures with the humour and relatability of workplace challenges.

Nyx, a rookie agent with a unique fox-human heritage, is at its heart. His journey transcends routine missions, delving into self-discovery, interspecies relationships, and life's unexpected twists. Each episode presents fresh challenges and adventures, weaving a story rich in wonder, diversity, and reflection of a world reborn.

Series Overview

Come Explore With Us

Embark on an extraordinary journey with 'My Dinosaur Life' where the impossible becomes reality, and every day is a leap into the unknown. In this animated series, you're not just watching a story; you're part of a world where boundaries blur and the ordinary meets the extraordinary.

In the heart of MapleView, alongside Nyx and his eclectic team, you'll encounter a realm where humans and aniforms forge a new path together. It's a world where the challenges of interspecies coexistence spark conflict and camaraderie, where each episode is a window into lives reshaped by the whims of fate and a cosmic anomaly.

'My Dinosaur Life' is more than just entertainment; it's a canvas for imagination, a reflection of our diverse experiences, and a celebration of the resilience of the spirit. From the thrilling escapades of the GUIP agents to the slice-of-life moments that resonate with our daily struggles and joys, this series promises a multi-faceted adventure that appeals to a wide array of viewers.

So, whether you're drawn to the intrigue of a sci-fi mystery, the warmth of character-driven narratives, or the charm of workplace humour, there's something in 'My Dinosaur Life' for you. Join us as we uncover the layers of this unique universe, where every twist is a discovery, and every character's journey echoes our own.

Prepare to be captivated, amused, and moved. Dive into 'My Dinosaur Life' and explore a world that challenges the norms, champions diversity, and celebrates the extraordinary in the everyday.

Okay... It all seems great, but

Why is it called 'My Dinosaur Life'?

You're not alone if you're scratching your head, wondering how dinosaurs fit into a world of interspecies drama and workplace quirks. 'My Dinosaur Life' is about much more than its title suggests. It's a journey of self-discovery, growth, and facing (metaphorical) giant monsters in a drastically changed world.

The title 'My Dinosaur Life' symbolizes the characters' colossal challenges, triumphs, and resilience. In this wild new world, they discover their inner 'dinosaur' – that untamed, powerful force within, ready to take on any odds with fierce determination.

And there's a literal connection, too! The title directly ties into the story as we follow Nyx's adventures as an agent in the GUIP's Dinosaur Division.


Meet the quirky guy behind this quirky world.

Hi there! I'm Taylor, but you can call me Tay. I'm a neurodivergent web developer in my early 30s known for always mixing some humour and creativity into everything I do. But there's more to me – I have a huge love for animation. It's been my go-to escape and a significant source of creative ideas in my most challenging times.

You might be asking, "What's a web developer doing in the world of animation?" Great question! You see, 'My Dinosaur Life' is the culmination of years filled with daydreams, plotting, and, yes, a fair share of procrastination. As far as I can remember, I've had aspirations to enter the animation industry, and now I'm finally taking my first bold step (woo-hoo me!). Trust me, I know how big of a long shot this is, especially for someone who is a complete outsider from the industry. But hey, there's no harm in trying!

This project is deeply personal to me. It reflects my journey with self-doubt and finding my place in a world that often feels alien. 'My Dinosaur Life' is fundamentally a tale of self-discovery, acceptance, inclusion, and friendship balanced with reflections in a no-preachy way, wrapped in a package of fantastic adventures and humour. It's also a chance to introduce atypical lead characters, positively show them, and resonate with those who, like me, see the world from a slightly different perspective.