World Building

Welcome to the city of MapleView

A Fictional Mirror of Canada's Capital Region

Welcome to MapleView and Rivière Fleurie, vibrant cities that serves as the fictional counterpart to Canada's capital, Ottawa. In 'My Dinosaur Life' MapleView plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative and themes of the series. As we dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds and where every street corner holds a touch of intrigue.

MapleView as a Fictional Reflection

MapleView is a city brimming with unique charm and character, echoing the essence of his real life counterpart while weaving its own distinctive take. It's a melting pot where humans and aniforms coexist, reflecting the societal complexities explored in 'My Dinosaur Life'

Why was MapleView chosen as the backdrop for the series?

It's more than just a creative decision—it's a strategic one. This city is a political hub, where crucial decisions shape the fates of both humans and aniforms. The perfect setting for a world where the stakes are high, and every twist and turn adds depth to the storyline.

Reflecting Societal and Political Issues

MapleView's role as a fictional capital city allows 'My Dinosaur Life' to explore political and societal issues with nuance. Here, policies affecting interspecies relations are debated and implemented, mirroring the real-world complexities of managing diverse populations.

A Microcosm of Global Dynamics

Within MapleView's diverse population, you'll find humans and aniforms from various backgrounds.. This diversity provides a vivid canvas to portray the varied experiences of aniforms in society, offering a glimpse into real-world challenges through a fantastical lens.

Cultural and Historical Resonance

MapleView's resemblance to Ottawa brings a unique cultural and historical resonance to the show. While the landmarks are fictional, they draw inspiration from Ottawa's rich history and architecture, adding authenticity and depth to our world-building.

Grounding the whimsical

Grounding 'My Dinosaur Life' in MapleView provides a realistic framework for this imaginative premise. It offers a meaningful context for the show's themes, making the story not just entertaining but also thought-provoking and relevant.

Le ville de Rivière fleurie

Rivière Fleurie, mirroring Hull/Gatineau, is a vibrant mosaic of French and English Canadian cultures. It embodies bilingualism and multiculturalism, with interspecies communities enriching its neighborhoods. Celebrating diverse festivals, cuisines, and arts, Rivière Fleurie beautifully showcases the fusion of Canadian and Quebecois identities.