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The MapleView Gazette
MapleView On - Tuesday May 17, 2016

Federal Government Ratifies Interspecies Protection Treaty, Establishes GUIP

In a landmark move, the Federal Government, alongside the G20 member nations, has ratified the much-discussed Interspecies Protection Treaty, paving the way for the formation of the Global Unity for Interspecies Protection (GUIP). This historic international agreement, finalized in London last night after nearly a year of intense negotia-tions, aims to safeguard humanity against threats similar to the recent Emergence event.

The Prime Minister announced that Canada is set to host one of the inaugural headquarters of GUIP. This strategic location, situated in the heart of MapleView's centretown, will be known as the Dinosaur Division. It joins a global network of GUIP headquarters, including the Aztec Division in Mexico City, the Griffin Division in London, UK, the Phoenix Division in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Kitsune Division in Tokyo, Japan, and the Bunyip Division in Sydney, Australia.

Heading the Canadian branch as Chief will be the Honourable Jean LeDuc, former Minister of Defence. In a significant policy shift, all agents' identities will be strictly confidential to ensure their safety and that of their families. This move underscores the government's commitment to adapt to the post-Emergence world's complexities and challenges. The Dinosaur Division's new Agent of Operations is a former MapleView police officer whose brief tenure with the force was marked by pivotal involvement in the treaty's formulation. His insights have been instrumental in shaping GUIP's foundational principles and operational strategies.

This treaty signifies a new era of international cooperation and collective security in a world irrevocably transformed by the Emergence. As nations come together under the GUIP banner, the focus is now on building resilience against future extraterrestrial threats and fostering harmony among the diverse species that now populate our

GUIP Divisions

GUIP. Protecting the world.

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  • Dinosaur Division in MapleView, Canada
  • Aztec Division in Mexico City
  • Griffin Division in London, UK,
  • Phoenix Division in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
  • Kitsune Division in Tokyo, Japan,
  • Bunyip Division in Sydney, Australia

Protecting Agents Identity

Code name: Dinosaur

In 'My Dinosaur Life' every agent in the GUIP is given a code name inspired by dinosaurs. But why dinosaurs? Well, it's not just because they're cool (which they totally are). It's a symbolic choice. Dinosaurs, the mighty rulers of ancient Earth, represent strength, adaptability, and a connection to our planet's distant past. By adopting these names, agents are reminded of their duty to protect the Earth with the same ferocity and resilience and protect their real identity.

Who they are

Insights about the Dinosaur Division

The Dinosaur Division is one of the many specialized sectors within the GUIP. It's tasked with handling some of the most challenging and high-stakes missions. This division is known for its dynamic approach and houses agents skilled in various aspects of interspecies relations and defence strategies. Following the high-stakes adventures of Agent Baryonyx (Nyx), and he becomes part of the team, the Dinosaur Division is at the forefront of safeguarding the planet and navigating the complexities of a world where humans and aniforms coexist.